What to Expect

Initial Appointment  

The initial appointment takes approximately one hour. In this appointment, Ellen will review your health history, paying particular attention to the issues that led you here. She’ll assess your posture and range of motion, and will closely examine your spine, performing any orthopedic or neurological testing indicated by your condition. With you lying down on the adjusting table, she will palpate your spine and surrounding muscles. Once this is completed, she’ll spend a few minutes talking about what she has discovered during the exam, and how chiropractic can address the problem.

Ellen will answer any questions you may have, and make sure you know exactly what the treatment entails before she adjusts you for the first time. After your treatment, Ellen will talk with you about your prognosis and how to proceed in terms of frequency and timing of your treatments.

It is always her goal to have you leave with a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body, how chiropractic care works, as well as how it can improve your overall functioning.


On-going treatment

Follow-up treatments last approximately 20 minutes. In these visits, you and Ellen will spend a few minutes talking about how things are changing and what you’ve noticed since your last visit. Then she’ll examine you, do a few minutes of stretching/soft tissue manipulation, and adjust you. During some visits, she’ll teach you specific stretches and exercises to help your condition and improve your overall strength and flexibility. You  and Ellen will also discuss the various postures you find yourself in on a day-to-day basis. Whether you sit at a desk in front of a computer, spend time sitting in a chair as a student, or do heavier physical work — you and she will  look at ways of improving your posture and decreasing the stress on your body and also talk about your sleeping habits, position, use of pillows, and type of mattress.




Proper exercise is extremely important for musculo-skeletal health. Some people love to exercise, and some people hate it. For most of us, it is hard to find the time. Ellen works with patients to discover the type of exercise that works for your lifestyle and that will be enjoyable, and not just another obligation. Many people already exercise regularly, but are missing a few key things that can make a big difference in the health of their back. She will instruct you in specific stretches and rehabilitative exercises designed for your particular situation and condition.

For some, just doing a few minutes of specific exercises regularly at home will be enough to help improve your condition.



Ellen does not routinely order xrays  for every new patient. During the exam, she will determine if xrays are necessary. When xrays are needed, she will refer you to an imaging facility.

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