Dr. Ellen

My interest in chiropractic was sparked by a job I held as the front office manager of a chiropractic clinic in New York City in the early 8o’s. I was hired into this position for my organizational and people skills, and knew virtually nothing about chiropractic at the time. Over the course of my first several months in this job, I sat at the front desk and watched as people entered the office in pain and walked out feeling better. I could see the difference in their gait, in their posture, on their faces, and in their demeanor.

I found myself becoming more and more compelled by this natural form of health care that had such a profound effect on people. I loved the idea that people could be helped by the use of one’s own hands. Within six months, I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. I had already received a B.A. in Psychology from American University, and had worked at and later directed a peer counseling center as an undergraduate. I was sure that this degree and these experiences would be put to good use working one-on-one with patients in my own clinic. Two years later I entered Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. I graduated with my Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree in 1989, and moved to San Francisco to start my practice.
It is with the same initial sense of amazement in and respect for our bodies and their ability to respond and heal through natural methods that I approach each and every patient.

In addition to my love of chiropractic and my work at Dolores Park Chiropractic, I have a passion for photography. I received my first camera when I was 16, and was immediately transfixed by taking photographs. It is a passion I’ve nurtured throughout my life. It has morphed from my use of a darkroom to process and print black and white photographs to my current use of color film. I have not yet crossed over the digital divide, and still proudly use film exclusively. The waiting room has a rotating show of my photographs.